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Rubber band handgun

We like rubber bands, they are very useful for keeping all your pens together and perform many other essential stationery jobs like no other piece of kit can.

What we dont like, is when people use rubber bands as a weapon. Having a rubber band flicked on your leg is painful enough, but can you believe someone has come up with a wooden hangun to do the job! What's worse is this handgun can hold and fire up to 12 rubber bands in quick succession.

That isn't nice, not at all, and I dont like them one bit.

Specifications: 20 cm barrel tension; fires 12 rounds; wood design; looks like a Colt 45, with a bit of imagination and a squint; 2 or 4 ammo bags with a dozen rubber bands in each bag.

Reviews: "If you're sick of being on the receiving end, then this rapid-fire, laggy band-hurling toy might well do the trick." Official Dreamcast Magazine, April 2001

Rubber band handgun (inc 2 ammo bags) 16.98
Rubber band handgun duel kit (inc 4 ammo bags) 24.95

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