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Rubber band shotgun

Maybe a hand flick isnt enough. You like the colt rubber band gun, but you are looking for that little extra firepower and more ammo. You asked for that little bit more, and the rubber band shotgun was made for you.

This sawed off shotgun gives you the same power and authority as any terminating cyborg.

Load up to 24 rubber bands on this wooden, double barrel, shotgun and accept your mission with confidence because you'll have rapid fire precision!

These beautifully crafted wooden guns work a real treat and will deter the finger flicking elastic band bandits in the office or at home.

Get two- you'll need them to protect yourself! The shotgun set comes with four elastic band ammonition bags.

Specifications: Double trigger action; 2 x 12 shot barrels; made from wood; 30cm power stretch; 41cm long

Reviews: "If you're sick of being on the receiving end, then this rapid-fire, laggy band-hurling toy might well do the trick." Official Dreamcast Magazine, April 2001

Rubber band shotgun (inc 2 ammo bags) 31.98
Rubber band shotgun duel kit (inc 4 ammo bags) 54.95