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Combat Ball Paintball Safety information

Have lots of fun but remember, safety first ...

ALWAYS wear the provided Combatball safety glasses when playing Combatball.

NEVER use Combatball equipment with paintball products. Combatball protective clothing is not designed for use with paintball products.

protective clothing

• Only use the Combatball Launcher with genuine Combatball ammunition.
• Keep Combatball equipment away from children under the age of 14 - who should also be • kept away from the activity area.
• Recommended to be used only under the direct supervision of adults.
• Do not use Combatball products any closer than 8 feet from your target.
• Never use Combatball products on pets or other animals.
• Never look down the barrel of the Launcher, even when empty.
• Do not climb trees or other objects during play.
• Always keep fingers clear of loading area.
• Never play in or around vehicles.
• Never aim at anyone not wearing Combatball protective clothing.
• Always ensure the Launcher is not cocked when inserting magazine.
• Never remove any item of protective clothing during play.
• If necessary call a 'Time Out'.
• Always keep hands behind loading mechanism when Launcher is loaded.
• Failure to follow the above precautions may result in injury.
• The buyer/user assumes full responsibility for the proper, safe and legal use of this product.

Combat Ball: 2 player battle pack £99.99
Extra V Balls (50 yellow & 50 green) £13.95

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