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Sea Wolf Submarine

Remember the hunt for Red October! Here's your chance to captain the top-secret, radio controlled Sea Wolf Submarine. Beautifully designed both in looks and functionality.

Sea Wolf has no ballast tanks, it has a motor on the bottom of the sub to dive, an aft propeller to drive the sub and using the aft propeller turn left and right to manoveure.

Its powerful Mabuchi motor allows it to mimic real sub maneuvers beneath the surface of your pond, pool or tub. Has an incredible 1 hour running time and recharges easily with built-in jack.

Sea Wolf has has excellent range from the transmitter and is extremely responsive to commands, enabling you to set obstacle courses. Wow!!

Submarine Specifications: Full function transmitter: forward, reverse cruising, left/right turn, dive, surface and stop. Digital proportional steering; Designed for pools and ponds Includes stand for display; Mabuchi motor; Six available frequency bands, with removable crystals for competitive racing. Will surface if batteries run out. Ages 8 and up. Battery requirements (not included): Sub: 4 x "AA" Transmitter: 6 x "AA" Individual Item Dimensions: 520mm x 92mm x 214mm; Scale: 1:250

Sea Wolf Submarine (inc. 10 x AA) £129.00

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