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Power Speed Boat Sintra 700 RTR

The Sintra 700 is an Italian semi-scale racing cruiser design with a centre rudder unit and drive system pre-installed.

Power Speed Boat Sintra 700 RTR

The Sintra 700 Radio Controlled Boat puts you at the helm and in control of one solid,ultra-realistic, off-shore racer. Cruise quietly through a serene pond or head out to the open water for incredible wave-jumping action. The Sintra includes a powerful two channel radio system and a fully proportional, forward/ reverse electronic speed control.

The hull's proven design and proper weight balance allow it to slice through rough, choppy water with unsurpassed confidence and stability.

Best of all, this remote control boat is fully-assembled and ready-to-run with the radio systems and electronic speed control installed. You'll be challenged by the waves, not an assembly manual. Sintras colorful decals and simple operation get you out on the water and having fun, fast!

The hull and deck are factory joined with an easy access waterproof radio box. Fully adjustable trim tabs and a 540 Class electric motor are included. The boat comes with installed 2 Channel Radio System, 7.2v Battery Pack and Trickle Charger.

Specifications and features:

Ready to run electric R/C High Speed Off Shore racer with radio. Sintra 700 R/C Boat - 'Ready To Run' Single Motor Version. Waterproof receiver box; well designed V-Hull keeps the boat smooth and stable even at high speed. Reliable for racing! Fully adjustable trim tabs and anti skid fins; Micro switch on/off speed controller; High torque Maubuchi RS54OSH motor is included. Spare parts available on request.

Length: 760mm • Beam: 210mm • Power: 540 Class • Radio: 2 Channel

Power Speed Boat Sintra 700 RTR 149.99
Extra 7.2V Power Pack 18.95

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