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Ichabod Crane


Inspector Ichabod Crane of the New York police arrives in the small village of Sleepy Hollow in 1799 to solve a mystery of murders.

With all the victims found with their head missing, everybody in Sleepy Hollow is talking about the ghost of the "headless horseman" who is out in the woods, seeking revenge for his murder, many years ago.

Crane, believing only in logic refuses to believe the public's theory about the horseman and begins his investigations, only to find his faith shattered when he himself encounters the headless horseman.

Height: 6 1/2" Articulation: Neck, shoulders, left bicep, hips, wrists and shins . Accessories:Eyeglasses, pistol, satchel with hinged flaps and rising tray, forensics tools and two books.


Ichabod Crane 22.50
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This evil, highly detailed figure has snakes coming out of her eyes and mouth. She featured in the film Sleepy Hollow. Some have said that it is her who controls the Headless Horseman. A true collectors item.

Height: 6 1/16" Articulation: Neck, shoulders, biceps, forearms, waist and right ankle. Accessories: Veil, candle, horned skull, two baskets, and mortar and pestle set.

The Crone 22.50

Headless Horseman


The ghost of a German mercenary beheaded in battle. The Horseman rampages about the countryside, slicing heads off of the living right and left, in search of his own head that he might return peaceably - and whole - to the grave.

But the horseman, in Burton's telling, is merely being manipulated by another character in the story (which is as close to a spoiler as will happen here) and becomes ancillary to a completely unrelated plotline, one that is absent from (and unrelated to) the original work

Height: 5 1/8" Articulation:Shoulders, right bicep, left elbow, right forearm, waist and thighs. Accessories: Axe, two decapitated heads, skull, Hessian head and a cape.

Headless Horseman 22.50
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