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Desktop Air Soccer

It's a fun game for both adults and children! When you're getting down at work, or long for some real home entertainment, pick yourself up with a quick game of Desk Top Air Soccer!

Air Soccer Game

Enjoy the action of real arcade-style air soccer! It's easy to play, just put the power on and place the puck on the Air-Flow playing surface then use the buttons to control your flippers! Keep track of your score with the score keepers on each side of the game. It's a fun game for both adults and children to enjoy.

If the boss (or teacher!) got the best of you and your deadlines (or homework) is mounting- cool down with a round of desktop air soccer! Beat the pants off your supervisor (without getting sued!) Bring the action of the arcade air soccer into any office with Desktop Air Soccer.

Specifications: Fast-Action balls; Air-Flow playing surface; Push-Button flippers; Dual score keepers; Electronic sound effects; Design and colours may vary; uses 2 x Duracell 'C' Batteries(included)

Desktop Air Soccer

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