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Radio Control Cyber Spider

You could not find a cooler-looking arachnid. This chrome-covered, remote-controlled creature measures about 9 inches across and scuttles around, in either fast or slow mode, on eight shiny legs!

Cyber spider features realistic spider walking and turning motion

A wrist-mounted, infrared remote moves the spider forward, left, or right. The remote can also set off spacy, sci-fi sound effects, turn on the spider's eerie green running lights, or program it with a series of steps. And though it's not very nimble (it can't back up, which causes trouble sometimes), the Cyber Spider does have an additional fun feature. When it's set in the "scurry away" mode, the spider will skitter off whenever anyone (or any curious cat, for that matter) approaches. Requires 4 x AA Batteries (not included)

Click here to see the spider in action (apologies for the cheesy commercial!). Format Quicktime Movie, size 2.4MB
The manufacturer's line: Cyber Spider the fully remote controllable mechanoid arachnid. Cyber spider features realistic spider walking and turning motion with futuristic mechanical sound, throbbing mechanical heartbeat, glowing green night light, attack position and scurry away mode, all controllable on a futuristic looking wrist remote controller. Features two walking speeds and twelve pre-programmed moves.

Click here to view the Cyber Spider Quicktime movie, 2.4MB

Reviews: "This is one cool spider. Everyone wants one, including my husband. This was purchased for our seven year old son, even after reading the posted reviews. For the money, it's an awesome deal! My son loved it and so did his friends. Our carpet is low nap, so it walked everywhere just fine. Our dog was afraid of it, and took off after it a few times, but the Spider prevailed, and has not fallen apart yet. The newness ( 5 weeks later), is still there, uncommon for a new toy. I think the thing that all the kids liked? It's a spider!"

"The ability to program the Cyber Spider is the neatest of its capabilities. Using the remote, you can define a number of actions for the Spider, then have it execute them. You can even program the Spider to do two things at once, walk left and play the heartbeat sound, for instance.

Just operating the toy, without programming it, is fun. Its locomotion is entrancing; with its eight legs it can scurry across tiled, wood, and carpeted floors. The green lighting that illuminates the underbelly of the Spider and the floor made me want to turn off the lights to operate the toy. "

Radio Control Cyber Spider 29.95
Battery pack for Cyber spider (4 x AAA batteries) £2.95