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The Critters are a range of eight clockwork wind up toys designed by artist Chico Bicalho. They serve absolutely no purpose at all - other than to make you laugh or smile and wonder.

Wind-up their stainless steel metal bodies and their legs begin a frenzied little dance sure to make all smile!

jumps and hops around like a happy and faithful puppy

Spinney is the cutest Creature. He jumps and hops around like a happy and faithful puppy.

Curiosity will force you to pick it up; fun won’t let you put it down. This bouncing, spinning, jittering clockwork ‘insect’ just seems to bring out a giggle in everyone.

No assembly, simply wind it up, set it on a hard flat surface and let it go.

Colors may vary. Dimensions H: 60mm, W: 60mm,D: 55mm

Spinney 14.95

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