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Remote controlled Spinosaurus

The "thorn lizard" Spinosaurus was a theropod dinosaur which lived in the Cretaceous Era. It was about 50 feet long, and its fossils have been found in both northern Africa and southern Asia. The real Spinosaurus may have weighed more than 4 tons.

Spinosaurus has fantastic realistic walking motion

Inspired by the revival in interest for all things dinosaur, someone just had to make a remote control Spinosaurus!

Taken directly from the blockbuster hit Jurassic Park III, this R/C Spinosaurus is one mean dinosaur that you can control!

Featuring wireless easy to use remote control, the Spinosaurus has fantastic realistic walking motion, various re-ak and at-tak dino roars and "dino" feel soft skin.

Huge predator swings his head from side to side, opens & closes his mouth and even bends down to search for prey! At 24-inches long, this is one dino you should think twice before messing with. Comes with a dino egg-shaped wireless remote control. Requires 6 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included). Limit six per household.

Manufacturer's line: "Be amazed as your spinosaurus walks, roars, and swings its ultra-realistic head, searching for its next prey!" Oooo kaay.

Click here to see the Spinosaurus in action (apologies for the cheesy commercial!). Format Quicktime Movie, size 6.7MB

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Radio Control Spinosaurus 49.95