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Special operations spy kit

Espinonage.....Counter Terrorism.....James Bond.....Xander Cage......You...the Special Operations Spy Kit will take you there..well almost!

Special operations spy kit

Featuring two Walkie Talkies with an *80 meter range* so you can call for help when in that life threatening situation [you got to the shops *note only 50 meters was it the white chocolate or the dark chocolate she wanted? ].

Or why not use the Spy Scope to observe the enemy whilst listening to soft melodic tunes projected on the FM Scan the dialogue of a covert operation yet to begin. Finally the Projectime keyring torch clock is an excellent way of keeping track of the time whilst projecting a pathway through the booby trapped cellar. Q was mad for this piece of kit!!

Specifications: 2 x Walkie Talkies with an 80m range (requires 2x 9V batteries -not included as standard; 1 x FM Scan Radio with ear phones; 1x Spyscope 8x telescope and 30x Microscope; 1 x Projectime Keyring Torch Clock.

Special operations spy kit
Battery pack (2x 9V batteries)

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