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Steel Fighter Buggy

The Steel Fighter is a very capable futuristic looking all terrain buggy. Copes just as well on grass and dirt tracks as it does on the roads.
Steel Fighter RC Buggy

Top speeds of 13 Km/h (179km/h to scale) make this radio controlled off-roader a real fast mover.

Because the Steel Fighter uses the top end 7.2V Power Packs you are guaranteed a high performance and high specification source of power.

Independent suspension front and rear also ensure a smooth ride and handling.

Specifications and Features:

Length x Width x Height: 332x210x120mm; Scale: 1/15; Speed: 13KMH; Frequency: 27 or 40MHZ Band; Buggy Suspension: Front and Rear; Batteries: 7.2 Volt Ni-Cad Battery Pack; Transmitter: 2 Channel Full function (requires 1x 9V - included; Battery Charger Included; Status: Comes Fully Complete.

Steel Fighter Buggy 46.95
Steel Fighter Buggy (Racing Pack of 2) £83.95
Extra 7.2V Power Pack £18.95

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