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Jumping stunt hopper radio control car

The stunt hopper is an impressive stunt car which Nikko brings to the radio controlled car world. Impressive not only because it boasts a sleek, curvy design, but more importantly because this is an RC stunt car that can JUMP.

Just by pressing the 'emergency' red button on the transmitter will have the car jumping through the air

Press a button on the transmitter, and it jumps off the ground up to 2 feet high and over obstacles. Burn some rubber outdoors at speeds up to 14 mph within a 150-foot range! Impress your friends by jumping right over their cars!

The Stunt Hopper comes complete and ready-to-use. It's a 1/12 scale vehicle with Turbo Drive and 3 channel full function transmitter. This RC Stunt Hopper is fitted with two motors, one for driving and the other for jumping. Other features include front suspension and rear wheel drive which allow more diverse stunts! Copes just as well on grass as it does on rough terrain. Click here to see a Video of the Stunt Hopper in action

The transmitter controls enable forward and backward movement, left and right turns, stop and of course, that impressive jump function.

Among all remote controlled vehicles for ages 10 and up the Stunt Hopper won Family Fun’s Toy of the Year 2002 in the remote control section.

The vehicle is supplied complete with a 9.6 volt Ni-Cad rechargeable power pack, charger and a 9v transmitter battery.

Specifications: 1/12 scale vehicle; Length 330mm. 1475 grams weight. 20km/h Max Speed.
3 channel full function. Jumping action.

Stunt hopper jumping car

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