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1/24 RC BB Battle Tank Type 90

The RC battle tank type-90 (1/24 scale) is 1/24 scale fully painted and assembled replica of the (JGSDF) Japan Ground Self-Defense Force's Type 90 Main Battle Tank.

Compared with the former models of 1/35 and 1/60 scales, it is much larger (41cm long) and simulates more details of a real tank.

1/24th RC BB Battle Tank Type 90

It features radio control of all movement including independent turret rotation and gun elevation via a dedicated pistol-grip style controller.

The powerful motor air gun (with hop-up system) can shoot plastic BB bullets from a fully automatic firing system using self-generated compressed air. These can hit a target up to 25m with good accuracy. The tank can fire while on the move or stationary and can hold up to 40 BBs in the turret. A box of pellets is included.

The turret is able to turn just short of a complete circle (320 degrees). The barrel has a 20 degree tilt up and down. Independent suspension and duel speed (via a boost button) allow it to overcome most terrains and minor obstacles. Its rubber belt-type tracks can climb a 35 degree slope with ease.

For safety, two buttons need to be pressed together to shoot. A red warning light flashes when the tank is about to shoot. The firing mechanism can be switch off by a separate switch hidden under the hatch. A red rubber plug is also supplied for the cannon when run in non-firing mode.

The powerful motor air gun (with hop-up system) can shoot plastic BB bullets from a fully automatic firing system using self-generated compressed air.

Turret turns right and left. Up and down barrel movement. Caterpillar and tank can move left, right, forward and backwards.

The colour and pattern on the rest of the model also perfectly resemble a real tank. The camouflage coating on the tank makes running and shooting more interesting. There is also a tank operator, a passenger, and machine gun designed to make the game more attractive. The handy-type controller is easy for use. Only one hand is enough when controlling basic moves of the tank. And you can also use it to control many complicated moves. For example, the tank runs and turns and shoots at the same time. The tank is powered by rechargeable battery, while the controller uses one 006P/9V battery.

If fully powered, the tank is run continuously for 60 minutes. Moreover, there are 3 channels available for more than 1 tank to run at the same time without interference.

There are three frequencies on our RC tank. It has 27MHZ channel, A, B, C so you and three friends can battle each other. This can be switched on the fly on the tank and remote control. It is hard to accidentally fire this tank accidentally due to a duel button safety feature. Also when shooting the front turret, LED light sup bright red to inform you it is about to discharge a BB. Two forward speeds. Has working front and rear lights

It fires hard enough to knock over a coke can. Shoots airsoft ammo at a rate of approx 1 per second. Electric-operated air-soft gun installed - shoots 6mm AirSoft ammo.
360 degree turn on a dime radius; Controllable turning turret and gun barrel. Turret and gun barrel move independently. Turret turns 320 degrees. Do not exceed turn radius.
Torsion bar suspension installed; Accessory target with stand is included with purchase for practice. Hours and hours of fun. ; Painted tank (some parts need to be attached-assembly on buyers part required); Perfect for indoor competition.

Comes fully complete and ready to go out of the box -including BB pellets, 9.6V battery pack, recharger and shooting practice target!

This is not a toy. You must be 18 years or older to buy this item.

RC BB Battle Tank Type 90

Dual RC BB Battle Pack Tanks (2x Type 90's)


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