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Tri-turbofan airships

EyeFo hi-tech frisbee

Space hoppers

Sky emperor rtf

B.I.O ai bugs

Internet alert manager


Mini Peugeot 206

Micro I-racers

Indoor helicopter

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Vectron Blackhawk-The next generation of flying toys

Blackhawk vectron gyro helicopter

The Vectron uses a NEW concept in hovering flight. Most vertical takeoff and landing aircraft rely on expensive and delicate gyro stabilization systems to remain stable in hovering flight.

With Vectron this is not necessary since the entire body rotates.


Covert operation spy kit

Espinonage, counter Terrorism, James Bond, Xander Cage, you

Special operations Spy kit


Stress evaluator

The Truth Machine accurately measures changing stress levels in the voice

No more lies with the Truth machine!


LCD Horse Racing

Move over, 007 ! These will allow young (and old!) sleuths to hold their own covert conversations.

LCD Horse Racing Game


Rainbow maker

This solar powered Rainbow Maker will fill your room with a swirl of dazzling rainbows

Solar powered rainbow maker


Hoverfly helicopter

Hoverfly is a great little helicopter. It’s small, tough and quiet.

Micro hoverfly helicopter


Handheld Computer Chess

This super compact chess game will provide hours of challenging fun at all levels of play

Handheld computer chess game


Internet alert manager

Identifies the presence of an incoming call and displays the caller's details

Know who's calling while your surfing!


Alcohol breath analyser

Check your alcohol level before someone else does!

Had a drink - Safe to drive ?


Internet Alert

Solves the problem of engaged tones without the expense of a second line

internet alert


Dancing Waters Fountain

Includes everything you need to create your very own "son et lumiere" show!

Dancing Waters Fountain


Spinning LED disc

A great little gadget to create your very own spinning light show!

Spinning LED disc


Inflatable Speakers

Excellent for the office, home, holidays- after all....they deflate to a compact size!

Amazing Inflatable Speakers!


Desktop Studio Light

A miniature version of the kind of umprella reflective lights used by photographers.

Desktop Studio Light


Time Machine

Its timeless design (please forgive the pun!) will entertain and amaze for years as time rolls.

Time Machine


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