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Thunder force 6 watersoaker

If you are going to find yourself involved in a water fight, you need the best you can get. A small water pistol these days will get you nowhere against one of these!

water soaker fun

Features a twin laser beam so you can see who you are soaking during those twilight and night time sorties. Bold, new, cutting edge technology adds exciting dimension to the playing field of water battle with Trendmasters line of STORM water guns.

Combining Photon Light Beam technology with a smooth, sleek, coherent water stream, STORM goes where no other water gun has gone before.

Boasting a coherent jet of water for super saturating play, a photon LED illuminates the water stream for a "liquid lightning" appearance. Units deliver more payload to the target, from up to 50 feet away, dousing it with more H2O than any other water gun in the market.

Strap the combat durable strap over your shoulder and unleash the Unlimitor - you can flash flood your target without ever pumping. The 2-liter Mega Blast Backpack unloads an aqua avalanche. The Storm 4000 measures approximately 35 inches long.

Fires at target with up to 95% accuracy of water from up to 50 feet away. Requires 2x AA batteries (included).

Thunder 4000 Force 6 39.99

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