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Smoke Gun

This is a great gadget for relaxation and and stress release - as well as to impress your friends and collegues!

Smoke Gun

The smoke gun is the hi tech and healthy way to make perfectly formed smoke rings from the comfort of your living room chair. The vapour blaster is very simple and satisfying to use.

Simply add some of the smoke fluid into the filler cap and press the vapor pump button to create some smoke in the fog chamber. To turn that fog into smoke rings and to release it -simply pull the firing trigger! The trigger is made of a spring mounted release mechanism that makes satisfying firing shots everytime!

The smoke gun is a safe, non-toxic, multi shot vapour blaster which can shoot up to 100 cherry scented vapour rings per minute!! Requires 6 AA batteries (not included). Includes refill fluid for 25,000 vapour rings.

Vapour ring physics: Airflow is slowed at edge of opening causing a vortex to form with the fast moving air through the centre- know as the Koanda effect. The vapour ring structure is called a Torroidal (donut shaped) Vortex. A Vortex is a whirling or circular motion of a liquid or air, tending to form a low pressure area in the centre. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and whirlpools are naturally occuring vortices. The vapour ring moves forward when the plunger strikes the diaphragm producing a fast moving pulse of air that moves through the air like a wave through the ocean, continuously creating a low pressure area behind it. This low pressure area draws the vapour ring along with it.

Smoke Gun
Set of 8 AA batteries

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