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Flying marlin speedboat

Flying marlin speedboat

The Flying marlin is a fully functional, ready to race model.

With a top speed of 325Km/h to scale, this speedboat is great fun.

Even has its own bilge pump!


Bass Ranger Boat

Designed for pools, ponds and small lakes. This is a great little waterside model

Bass Ranger Boat


Sea Ray Speedboat

Fully functional, ready to race 1:27 scale model running at 10km/h

cosmojetz the crazy one


Fortune 612 Sailboat

The Fortune 612 sails beautifully. Tacking upwind was almost as easy as downwind sailing.

Ready To Sail RC Yacht


Volans Sailboat

Twin channel R/C stick controls the ship's rudder while the two sails catch the winds.

Sail away with the volans yacht!



This turbo charged beast will cut through the water at neck breaking speeds of 16KMH!

Speed Demon


Sea Wolf submarine

Here's your chance to captain the top-secret, radio controlled Sea Wolf Submarine

Sea Wolf Submarine


Radio Controlled Jet Skier

If you have ever wanted your own jet ski but can't afford one yet- why not treat yourself to this model jet ski!

Radio Controlled Jet SKi


Remote control Kayak

Launch this into any lake, pond, or pool then watch the brawny Kayak rider paddle away at an entertaining pace!

Radio Control Kayak


Fire rescue boat

The rescue cruiser is equipped with a water canon on the front that can be controlled from a switch on the controller.

Fire Rescue Cruiser


Sintra 700 Speedboat

The Sonic Sintra puts you at the helm and in control of one solid, ultra realistic, off-shore racer.

High End Speed Boat


Wave Shark PWC

When you hit the water the speed and aggresive design will wow your friends!

Wave Shark PWC


Sonic Fin Speedboat

This speedboat can cut through the waves at very impressive scale speeds up to 288km/h!

Speed Boat


Mini battle subs

Bring the concept of submarine dynamics and functionality to life with these mini battle subs.

Just out! Amazing mini submarines


Interceptor Speedboat

Stunning both on and off the water, the Intercepter Ultra is sure to turn heads!

Intercetor Ultra Speedboat


Radio Control Hovercraft

This air-powered amphibious radio control vehicle jets over surfaces on a cushion of air -- just like the real thing.

Radio Control Hovercraft