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Whacky Wall Walkers

Look out! Moose's Whacky Walker can walk down walls, down windows and down mirrors! You will be amazed!

Whacky Wall Walkers

Watch your Whacky Walker flip head over heels down any smooth surface using his suction cups to hang on. Race your whacky walker with your friends and have hours of back flipping fun with Moose's Whacky Walker!

There are five whacky walkers in total to collect. These are Bones, Robo, Dude, Bug & Dino. We offer a 3 packs and a complete 5 pack. We will always mix them up for your order where possible. IF there is a particular combination you would like, please let us know! Recommended for Ages 4 and up.

Whacky Wall Walkers Assorted 3 9.99
Whacky Wall Walkers Assorted 5 14.95

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