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Radio Controlled RTS Sailboat

Ready for its first voyage in just 15 minutes... Even the decals are applied! With a Fortune 612 RTS (Ready-to-Sail)Radio Controlled Boat , a sailor’s life is an easy one.

It’s more than a boat; it’s a start-up pack that includes a ship and a PerfexTM 2-channel radio to control it. Add 12 “AA (included) cells and a bit of final assembly, and the Fortune 612 is complete.

Assembly is literally a matter of minutes. The hull and deck are prejoined, already brave with paint and decals. The booms and sails are joined to the mast; stand the mast and clip lines to cleats and you’re more than halfway through assembly.

Finish up by installing the rudder and keel on the hull and batteries in your radio — and it’s time for your maiden voyage..

Made of tough, strong ABS plastic, for lasting wear and glossy good looks that require no care! Scale profile and scale detail parts create the look of an America’s Cup racing yacht with virtually no work. No wiring necessary! Servos and receiver for the Perfex radio system are already installed — and ready for battery installation.

Deepwater rudder provides massive turning power and sharp, virtually instantaneous response.

Stretches almost 4’ in height, from the bottom of the keel bulb to the top of the lightweight aluminum mast . Rudder, mast and bolt-on bulb keel attach in minutes and detach just as quickly for easy storage and transportation.

Review by The Model Retailer

Any level of modeler will be able to assemble Kyosho's Fortune 612 sailboat in less than 30 minutes. Assembly is easy and straightforward - no tools, paint or glue are required.

The Fortune 612 is well packed in Styrofoam, molded to fit the hull and other components. A beautiful ocean setting is depicted on the box, along with photos of the kit's contents. The instructions and decals are packed at the top of the kit.

Although the Fortune 612 is about 90% pre-built, and a Perfex two-channel radio is factory-installed, complete instruction books for both the boat and radio system are included. Detailed photos of what little assembly is necessary are provided in the boat manual, and all the features of the radio and its operation are included in the radio manual.

The Fortune 612 sailed beautifully. Tacking upwind was almost as easy as downwind sailing. The boat instantly responded to every radio command. Beginners will love the Fortune 612's ease of sailing, and experienced yachters will appreciate its agility.

This is a pre-assembled RTR kit. Final assembly takes 15 to 30 minutes - sails are mounted to the masts, all the rigging is complete, decals are factory-applied and, for good measure, a decal sheet is included to further detail the boat.

Specifications and features:

Length: 24.1 in (612mm) Height: 44.5 in (1130mm) Beam: 5.1 in (130mm) Weight (approx): 2.6 lb (1200g) Sail Area: 339 sq in (21.85 dm2) Includes: radio, yacht, servos, ballast; Uses 12 “AA” batteries (included).

Click here for a larger image of the Kyosho Fortune 612 RTS Sailboat

Kyosho Fortune 612 RTS Sailboat 149.99
Extra pack of 12 AA Batteries 5.95

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